As an industry leader, part of our mission at Callaway Transportation is to promote sustainability in the transportation world. Our commitment to a greener energy future has led us to utilize transportation models and make intentional changes as an organization that promote cleaner‑air and support fuel‑conservation technologies.


By its very design, the motorcoach embodies transportation efficiency and energy conservation. By choosing motorcoach transportation, which gets 184 passenger miles per gallon and is the most fuel-efficient way to travel, you might just help save an ice cap or two: Save A Penguin: Take A Motorcoach.

According to the American Bus Association:

  • 1 Motorcoach use can remove up to 55 cars from the road.

  • Motorcoaches produce carbon emissions of only 56 grams per passenger, compared to 371 grams for a passenger car.

  • Motorcoaches use 946 BTUs per passenger mile, compared to 3,890 for planes and 2,134 for trains.

  • Motorcoaches produce the equivalent of 250 passenger miles per gallon of fuel. A Motorcoach with only seven passengers is more fuel efficient than an automobile with one occupant.

  • Motorcoaches emit the least carbon dioxide (CO2) per passenger mile when compared to other vehicles. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by an average of 85% per passenger mile for every person who chooses motorcoach travel instead of driving alone.

  • Motorcoaches currently provide 184 passenger miles per gallon (MPG), more than double the second most fuel-efficient sector, commuter rail at 86 passenger MPG. Transit buses achieve 32 passenger MPG, domestic air carriers achieve 42 passenger MPG, and single passenger automobiles achieve 28 passenger MPG.

  • Diesel fuel is about 30% more efficient in combustion than gasoline, and today’s ultra low-sulfur diesel fuels are cleaner than ever.

Carbonfund Membership

Our employees take a team-led approach to going further for our customers and our environment. Our desire to do better for our customers and our world extends to forming new carbon-constrained behaviors as an organization. To this effect, we have partnered with Carbon Fund to reduce our carbon footprint and offset our environmental impact as a business; plant one tree for every client!

A Culture of Environmental Stewardship:

At Callaway Transportation, we know environmental stewardship starts within. To improve resource productivity and encourage conservation efforts within our own organization, we have introduced the following:

  • Recycling

    We’ve implemented recycling plans and waste reduction programs at our corporate offices. All Callaway Transportation literature is printed on recycled paper.

  • Telecommuting and Carpooling

    Employees are encouraged to telecommute, carpool and utilize mass transit to help reduce vehicle emissions. On average, our employees telecommute two days a week.

  • Weekend Black Out

    Every Friday, the company CEO and the Director of Finance ensure all office equipment is powered down for the weekend.

  • Safety-Kleen

    We support vendors who maintain their buses with Safety-Kleen to recycle the oil and the metal from oil filters.

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